Today I would like to please those stay up late-night guys by collecting 24 hours of 10 foods and coffee shops, presenting dessert, meat dish and buffet. Can't wait now, let's start!

1.T24 shop

T24 shop

Location: The Sense, Pinklao

Strength point: Cozy, the store looks comfortable by decorated in black and white tone. Serving both Thai and international desserts, various beverages and lots of parking areas.

Weak point: The store has labeled that they are not allow customer to discuss about work and tutoring. Reserving the seats for people to enjoy their meal only.

2. 24 Owls By Sometime's Shop

24 Owls By Sometime's Shop

Location: Akeamai 12 ( Soi Charoenjai)

Strength point: It's a cafe bistro shop, decorated in English style. Serving fusion foods, including All Day Breakfast. Various menus, beverages, meat and dessert dishes.

Weak point: Limited parking areas, hard to find the parking lots.

3. FU.5 Coffee Shop

FU.5 Coffee Shop

Location: Beneath luxurious condo at Thonglor (New Petchaburi Road)

Strength : Suitable for work discussion since there is a long table, personal room and plug. Consumers can park the car with no charged at the condo.

Weak point: There is only a few option of desserts and beverages.

4. My Cafe The Library Shop

My Cafe The Library

Location: Nawamin City Avenue

Strength point: The atmosphere of the cafe is like a library, books are provided for picking up and read at the table. Most of the menu is A la Carte, simple or porridge is also provided.

Weak point: So many people at the late night, so it hard to find the seat. Moreover the table row is too close ,feeling no privacy.

5. Aroi Dim Sum

Aroi Dim Sum

Location: 3 branches at Huai Khwang, Meng Jai and Ramkhamhaeng 71.

Strength point: Buffet price is 199 Baht, 1.30 hrs time limit. Various menus or additional Dim sum is not expensive, serves 16 Baht/basket.

Weak point: This fee excluded beverage. The food tastes normal as the price. Some foods are delicious but some are not.

6.Happy Suki

Happy Suki

Location: Huai Khwang ( opposite to 7 eleven)

Strength point: This restaurant is quite the same as Aroi Dim Sum which offers the same price and the menus are similar. ( Buffet Suki price is 199 Baht, 1.30 hrs time limit.) but different in term of the comfort and cleanness atmosphere of the shop.

Weak point: The foods taste normal as the price 199 Baht, also excluding beverages.

7. Gangnam BBQ Buffet

Gangnam BBQ Buffet

Locationl: Ramkhamhaeng 71 (at the roadside)

Strength point: Korea BBQ Buffet prices 299 Baht, 2 hrs time limit. The hot menus are Khao Yam and hot steamed egg in clay pot.

Weak point: The price excluded beverages and the atmosphere of the restaurant looks too old.

8. ฺBanrai Coffee

Banrai Coffee

Location: Ekkamai

Strength point: There are a lots of Thai coffee shops but this branch is special because it opens for 24 hrs. Convenient to get to the place by BTS. Serving late-night meat dish and porridge.

Weak point: Personally I don't like the food here but the drink is still okay.

9. Greenhouse restaurant at Landmark Hotel

Greenhouse restaurant at Landmark Hotel

Locate: BTS Nana

Strength point: The originally Hong Kong porridge recipe is famous here. It's served with deep-fried dough stick stab and condensed milk or various style of Hong Kong baked rice in clay pot. Not only Hong Kong style, the restaurant also serves Thai and Italian foods. For example: Steak and Pizza.

Weak point: As we know that the price in the hotel's restaurant is quite high compared to the outside normal restaurant.

10. Too Fast Too Sleep

Too Fast Too Sleep

Location: Rama4 ( Opposite to Chamchuri Square)

Strength point: Coffee shop is a large 2 Floors in the middle of the town, it's popular to the university student to come and read a book here. It's full of facilities, including tables, personal corner or plugs.

Weak point: Lots of people here especially during the exam and most of them stay long and up to late night.

And we finally run through all the review of 10 shops.

The other shops that we just think about but haven't mentioned them are Mcdonald's , Burger King และ KFC (Some branches)

Thank you for reading our review for today. Bye Bye.

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