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Today I will take you all to Salmon Buffet in Pin Klao. If you are a Salmon lover and do not mind about distance, let's go find out together how is it going to be>>>

Neta Sushi Restaurant

Place: The Sense Pin Klao

Salmon Buffet is available on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (90 minutes)

Price 499+ (Not including drinks)

Let's Go>>>

(They are all Salmon menus)

Salmon Spicy Salad, Salmon in Fish Sauce, Salmon Salad, Grilled Miso Salmon

Sashimi Salmon, Salmon mix rolls (Aburi & Spicy)

Thai style Salmon Salad, Salmon Tataki, Salmon Yentafo Tum Yum, Deep Fried Salmon Skin, Salmon in Seaweed

Rice with Fried Salmon and Basil, Grilled Salmon Head, Salmon Head in Spicy and Sour Soup

Salmon Sashimi Rice Bowl and Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl

Grilled Salmon with Salt, Soya Sauce or Miso

And end with Salmon Sashimi

- Buffet Price 499+ after including drink is about 500 baht (Water 25/ Refill Green tea 40/ Pepsi 35) which is about the same as other restaurant except there are only salmon menus.

- Fresh Sashimi, big piece and taste good

- Other menus are also in a big size especially sushi (rice)

- Thai style Seafood sauce is provided

- There are about 30 menus mostly are the same but different on the topping sauce.


Overall taste is okay. But the food portion is quite too big (Over expected so be careful when ordering) "I suppose that I should stop thinking about Salmon for a while :P"

For today>>>

Thank you and Goodbye

Meine Ziele

 Tuesday, June 2, 2015 4:13 PM