I believe that many people might face the same problem when your friends are coming from other provinces or foreign friends and they ask you to recommend the nearby hotel of Siam or shopping center which offers easy transportation and cheap.


Several people might be blank because you don't know where to recommended, especially me. I have to admit that nearby Siam or shopping center, I only know the chain hotels which are quite expensive and for sure it's beyond their budget.

Finally, my problem is resolved because I get to know The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam.

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is a huge hotel in Pratunam area. It's located just next to Palladium or just opposite to Platinum where many people love this place for the sake of clothes shopping.

Well, The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam has such a great location. Even though it's not right besides the BTS but it's within walking distance. Besides, it's right in the heart of shopping center. I'll show you guys how many shopping malls I could go in a day. But before that, let's take a look at the hotel first.

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is very spacious. It offers parking lots where you have to park on the 8th floor and you can go to the lobby by the lift. Do not panic as it's quite high up because they have a great design that you will reach the 8th floor before you know it.

This is how the lobby looks like. It's spacious. Many people are waiting to check in and check out as it's noon time but the staff delivers quite a fast service.

Nearby the check in counter, it's a luggage deposit zone. It is a clear separate zone with a tag at the bag, CCTV, and the staff to take care. So you can be sure that your belongings are safe.

The first floor also offers the lounge which is quite spacious. The cake here looks so yummy.

Ok, now let's go to explore our room.

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam has 2 buildings which is the Main Tower and the North Tower. Today I'm staying at the 24th floor of the Main Tower where it offers breakfast room, the pool. The other building seems to offers spa service if I remember correctly.

These 2 buildings are connected on the 11th floor which is the pool floor.

I stay at the Luxury Suite room type. Once I open the door, I'm so shocked because this room is so spacious. It also offers 2 big beds that we could have a comfortable and relax sleep.

In addition to 2 big beds and a working table, there's a sofa set and chairs for us to enjoy the view. There's also a wardrobe and dressing zone. Each zone is quite spacious.

It is fully equipped with amenities like TV, fridge, iced box, kettle, tea-coffee, bathrobe, flashlight, slipper, hair dryer, safe box and 3 bottles of drinking water.

Oh, the welcome drink is not offered here but a set of fruits which is so good @_@

Now, let's take a look at bathroom which is, again, very spacious. It's a sexy bathroom that offers both bath tube and shower box. The toilet also offers water spray line and a telephone in an emergency case.

The shower facilities are also fully equipped like shower gel, shampoo, lotion, cotton bud, shower cap, soap, and toothbrush set which is very soft.

This is the view from my room. It's very close to the Central World. It's a 10 minutes walking. In the day time, the sun could be a bit too strong that we need to close it with a curtain but I think in the evening, the view must be beautiful.

After exploring the room, let's go see the public area of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. I'll start by the 11th floor where it's the connection point between the buildings and the pool.

I think the pool here is very beautiful with a glass on one side and songs played on the other side. The only bad thing about this pool is, it gets too hot during the day time T____T but I think the Western foreigners would love it.

From the pool, when looking up, we could see both buildings of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam.

Here, you could walk up and go to the other building. It's such a relax place. Meanwhile, you could also enjoy the connecting bridge view and top view of the pool.

Well, since it's quite hot outside now, please allow me to go back inside. The 10th and 11th floor of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam offers bakery and coffee shop. You are most welcome to enjoy this chill and relax time.

Here is the photo taken from the 10th spacious park and look up to see the Baiyoke 2 Tower which is quite beautiful.

Well, now that we go to almost every corner of this hotel, let's explore the surrounding. From The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam, we could go to several places on foot. It's only one time that I need to use a taxi service.

The first stop is Palladium. It's the nearest shopping center which sells many things ranging from clothes to IT equipment.

From Palladium, we could take the sky walk towards other shopping mall like the Platinum.

If you still want more, you could walk further to find the Shibuya and Krungthong Plaza 2. If you are a shopping lover, I must say there're still several buildings around. But I think only these 4 buildings would already occupy several hours of your time.

For those who don't like clothing shopping but rather into the games and IT like me, let's go spend our time at Pantip.

Nearby the Pantip, there's this interesting restaurant called "Rot D Det". Usually this shop is famous for beef noodle but this branch also offers Northeastern food or E San Food. The taste is quite good and not too strong. It's also an air conditioning shop. I think our foreign friends would like it. Personally, I like the corn salad the most.

After that, I plan to go to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from Pantip by foot. But when I look at my program to find that there're still other several places that I wanted to go, I decided to take a taxi there which takes only 5 minutes with a fare of about 40 THB.

You could also reach there by foot which would take about 15 minutes.

I spend about an hour and a half in the center. I also enjoy my coffee time here too. I think for the art lover, you could spend an entire day inside.

From the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, there're various shopping malls around for us to go. My first recommended shopping mall is MBK Center.

Here is the mall that I visit very frequently while I studied nearby. Actually, I haven't come here for about 10 years. Today I find it changes a lot and it's surprisingly good. It looks chic and very much more modern.

In front of the MBK is the favorite shopping malls for many people like the Siam Discovery, Siam Square and continue on to the Siam Paragon. You could walk in any mall as per your style.

After shopping in these 3-4 malls, some people might get bored by now. Allow me to take you to make some merit at Wat Pathumwanaram which is quite a peaceful and quiet temple. It's so quiet that you can't believe it's located right in the heart of the busy city and between the Siam Paragon and the Central World.

This is a temple that I must stop by whenever I'm around. It doesn't take much time but we could feel so happy and peaceful. I must say that apart from Thai people, you could find lots of foreigners here as well.

After making some merit and resting, it's time to go to our last destination for today which is the Central World. It's such a giant mall which offers lots of things to do and we could spend 3-4 hours just by snap of a finger.

Today I also spend about three hours at the Central World from 19.00 p.m. to 22.00 p.m. or just about the time the mall is closed. After that, I walk back to The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. That I'm having such an exhausted day, let's go back and enjoy our bath tub and a good sleep.

But while walking back, I saw Khao Man Kai (Rice and Chicken) shop at the Pratunam Intersection and I recall that it's a highlight food around here. How can I miss it then?.....So immediately I'm queuing up for Ko Ang Khao Man Kai. I and my wife, each have a dish. I must say that it's so delicious just as the rumor has it. More importantly, this shop opens 24 hours a day, so you could stop by any time you are hungry just like the 7-11 convenient store.

For those who didn't like Khao Man Kai, there're several other street food nearby too like Pad Thai, Mango and Sticky Rice. I have to say that you can always find food in this area > <

After the late night dinner, I cross the street in order to go back to our hotel. I find that the quiet place in front of the Palladium in the daytime now has turned into a small lively shopping place. Good thing that I spent all my energy and money on shopping, otherwise, I could get more things home. I think the shopping lover would love this place as it opens until midnight.

Finally, I reach The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam at midnight. I started roaming around 14.00 p.m. till now which is about 10 hours. Of course, I have such a sound sleep.

I wake up again at 8 a.m. and quickly take a shower and go down for breakfast.

Breakfast room is situated at the 10th floor and opens from 6.00-10.30 a.m. It's such a spacious area that could accommodate about 300 guests.

The food is varied from Thai, Chinese, Indian to international food. But it offers a limited menu on each type of food. Apart from that, noodle soup, bakery, yogurt, soy milk, Pa Thong Ko and fruits are also available.

The taste is average. Some menu tastes great while some is not. I think the noodle soup is a bit too salty and the fruits are too tasteless. But what I really like is there's a label telling us whether or not the pork is part of that food.

Ok, now it's time to sum up the review of The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam. Please allow me to do so by category.

Design: I think it's in average standard and it's not the highlight of this hotel.

Cleanliness: I have no problem about its cleanliness. Although lots of guests are here,the room and public area are clean.

Facilities: It's fully equipped. the WiFi is also quite stable and fast.

Transportation: It's situated at such a great location. Although it's not accessible by the BTS but several buses are there as well as taxi, so you won't get lost. For those who drive your own personal car, you probably face certain traffic jam but do not worry about the parking lots as it's really spacious.

Sleeping: It's so comfortable like the bed, pillow, blanket, the softness and the AC, everything is just perfect.

The Service: I didn't get to enjoy much of the staff's service but from what I observed and a couple of times' experiences, I think they offer a good service. They are always smiling and welcoming regardless of how many guests they are encountering.

Breakfast: A short definition of the breakfast is variety but not outstanding. It offers lots of choices but the taste is just average.

In Summary : The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is a great location hotel. It's one of the top lists of the hotels I would think of if my friends from other provinces or abroad want to stay in this area. It is convenient to go shopping. Facilities is fully equipped. The staff service, the size of the hotel, the numbers of the rooms could probably meet the guests' expectations. Also, most of the guests are foreigners so you won't have to worry about any language barrier.

So that's the end of this review. Please accept my apology for any mistakes. This review is merely my personal view on that specific day I stayed. Each person might enjoy different service in different day. If you like my review, please follow of comment at https://www.facebook.com/amazingcouples

Thank you so much for reading until this line. See you guys again in my next review, Sawaddee Krab!

Remark: I stay here on 12-13 February 2017.

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