Hello!!! Today I will review a trip at Khaokho

The resort that I am going to stay, just open not for too long. There are lot of reviews already. I really like the resort's decoration style, which decorate in English Country Style. You probably know already where am I talking about. Yeah....... it is The Bluesky Resort @Khaokho....... Let's go through together>>>>

Starting with red flowers and blue sky

From my home to the resort is about 20 kilometers so I do not need to be hurry.

By taking Lomsak - Pitsanulok road, passing the traffic light at Camp Son before Bang Chak gas station and turn right you will see the sign along the way to the resort.

I am wondering how would it be there.

When I arrive, it likes Wow Oh My GOD it is so beautiful with all design and blue sky.

We arrive to this white building on the hill, it is a lobby.

There is a lively staff who is in hurry come to pick up our luggage and take us to the lobby.

Even they have less staff but they pay attention to each guest. >>> Get 1 point for that

The date of visiting

The decoration in Vintage style which I really like it.

I just went to Swiss Valley at Suan Phueng last week which I still enjoyed so much. And here I can take a lot more photos.

Today I come with my father and my younger sister who is over 10 years old but the resort does not charge for extra bed or extra person>>> Get another point

Walking around and taking a lot of photos while waiting for check-in

They also sell vintage style souvenirs.

Little cute calender with lovely small sheeps and bears.

Welcome drink in a small glass, look like a shot drink hahaha.

Refreshing and reducing the heat.

After check in, the staff walks us through the lobby to the garden.

English garden style with the highlight of fountain

Green grass garden with ducks, if they are real ducks I probably run before anyone else. (I am scared of ducks hahahaha)

There are 28 rooms separated in 3 buildings.

Even it is so hot but I am so happy just to see the decoration of flowers and grassland along the pathway.

Walking through the garden to the 3rd building where we will stay tonight.

There are 2 floors in each building and painted in yellow (Diva Blossom). Our room today is No. 308 on the second floor.

And on the first floor, it is painted in blue country style (Country Lover).

There are 2 room types; Suite located at the corner and it is a family room.

And Deluxe room which we choose to stay.

Soft white bed with pillows look so comfortable, really good for leisure.

Usable vintage phone, it looks old but still can be used.

Sofa bed with sweeten pillows.

This white doors is a wardrobe.

A complete set of towels, slippers, and safe box. Moreover, if you open the curtain you can see the bathroom.

One more photo of the bed, I really like it.

TV, Fridge and Coffee Amenities are opposite the bed.

Another corner to sit and enjoy the view.

Let's go to discover the bathroom.

It separates wet part and dry part by the curtain.

Paint in comfortable eyes color still focus on vintage style for all facilities.

There are both shower and rain shower.

Bath amenities are The Blue Sky Brand.

Last week was raining everyday, the weather in the afternoon was still so hot.

Today...is a nice weather >>> Let's go out.

Distinctive point here, there is Blue Salvia Garden violet flower, look like Lavender and blooming all year long.

Walk down the hill to the restaurant, let find something to eat.

I would say that here is also one of the resorts that have a great view for restaurant. This zone is in grey and open air.

Colorful flowers in the vintage vase...another creative decoration.

I really like everything here.

Inside decorated with wicker chairs and high ceiling make it looks comfortable and airy

Pillows seems to be a signature of The Blue Sky for me, so choose to sit in this corner.

Khun Yuechan : I also like it too

Khun Papae : It is the same chain as Koh Payam, Ranong.


This old iron chair still looks beautiful

Cold Cappuccino for my dad

Afternoon tea for this afternoon I cannot remember what kind but smell so good.

Following by different kind of desserts

There are big tables in the inside zone for a group of people

Good for sitting, relaxing and chit-chat.

Restroom at the restaurant has a well-matched design.

See through ceiling and green ivy and what I like the most is light bulb in the birdcage.

Little cute cat statue in the front

After that, we walk to the viewpoint, passing small hill and grassland with slightly wind blowing around. It seems like the winter is coming.

Green rice planting farm is probably harvesting soon just wait until they all change to yellow.

Finally, we arrive at the view point with mountain view surround.

This is one of resorts that has the best view in Khaokho where you can see Phasornkaew Temple.

Sunlight shining in the sky .

We take a break on the way back

Step by the lobby before go out for dinner.

The sun is gone by the skyline

Sweeten color of Macaroon at the restaurant

Bakery corner for you.

We sat here in the afternoon, the curtain still closed.

It opens now for beautiful dinner.

This zone is Orange Balcony, located outside but there is roof.

If someone afraid of dew dropped you can sit here with beautiful view.

I sit outside with my sister and my father just order a room service.

Start our dinner with strawberry smoothie and my sister order lemon juice.

Carbonara spaghetti is coming for my sister

Black pasta fried with salty fish on top with crispy bacon for me. Actually, we would like to order pizza because my friend recommended me. Too sad, it already sold out for tonight and has to wait for ingredients from Bangkok, then those ingredients will be distributed to all Blue Sky resorts such as in Koh Payam, Ranong and Khaokho at the same time. Also, they will open a new property in Hua Hin soon. If I have a chance I will go to visit it.

A Big Blue Sky in the middle of the mountain is very distinctive. Having dinner with the best view ever. I am so happy.

This is the restaurant from the outside while walking back to our room

Walking pass fountain in the garden during the night they turn on lights make it beautiful and different from during the day.

Good photo for tonight.

Good morning Khaokho, light wind and sunshine before go home ^^

Say goodbye to The Blue Sky Khaokho with this picture, having coffee with beautiful mountain scenery

Gain more energy and fresh air by looking out to the green scenery.

Normally I do not travel to the mountains because my house is near the mountains and I see them everyday.

Here is a resort that have the most beautiful view. It makes me so proud that our hometown is also beautiful not less than other places. I choose to come here because it is close to my home and the design of this resort is what I like and it is so peaceful like I am in a different world. If I have a chance I will definitely come back here. I am so impressed with the bellboy who takes care us from the parking lot to the lobby for check-in and walk us to the room. He gives us some recommendations where to go in Khaokho. The waiters at the restaurant are also nice, polite and service-minded. The restaurant has a very good view as well as many view points of Khaokho. it is located near many tourist attraction places such as Phasornkeaw Temple, Route 12 coffee shop, etc. The stye of decoration is very beautiful.

However, I think they should improve about the parking area because they actually have a door that connect to the resort but it;s close. So, we have to walk quite far to get to our room. And when check-out we have to carry all luggage on our own because they have short of staff and we do not want to disturb them. And the building that we stay is quite far so we get low quality of WIFI signal. Over all, I am impressed so I give 4.5 out of 5. If I have a chance I definitely will come back again. The rest about this trip I will upload the review later; about Phasornkaew Temple and Route 12 coffee shop

End our trip with the picture of my dad and my sister in the Blue Salvia Garden. Good night everyone!


 Saturday, April 18, 2015 11:11 PM